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If you are a fan of sales and only like to shop when someone has lowered the price, check out Sale!

You can find the largest number of sales on our site. This site was created because there are a large number of stores that offer their products on sale. So that you don’t have to go from store to store and see which store has a sale and how long the sale lasts, we have combined all the stores on this site.

Sales are usually organized when a certain season passes and all the goods that are left can be put on sale. This type of sale is mainly carried out by specialized shops, which sell either clothing or sneakers or some other article. Apart from such stores that sell goods that are out of fashion, there are stores that very often sell some of their items.


This site is designed so that you will always be informed about any sale. If you don’t want to receive notifications all the time, it’s best to choose only those shops in Kjim that have what you’re interested in. Notifications will only come when certain items are on sale. For each item there is a picture and a detailed description of that item. So you will be able to look at the articles that interest you and when you decide what you need most, you will put everything in your basket.

You will no longer have to ask when the sale is going to be, to visit stores and see what’s on sale, and to return mostly empty-handed.

If you want to be informed about sales, just one click on Sale is enough! Everything you want to buy, from now on you can do it through our website.

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